Bugbear/Dwarf Barbarian

Ged was once a member of a proud and noble tribe of bugbear. He lived with his father Gid, his brother Gad, his mother, Gud, and a handful of goblins in which were almost brothers to him. One fateful night a group of Drow raided his small village, taking his family and killing the goblins in the fight. The only one to escape, unbeknown to him, was his brother Gad.

Ged’s personality clashed greatly with that of the slave population of Zobrin’Dorana and it caused him to fight, constantly. This however honed the young bugbears fighting skills and he developed a bestial rage.

Once he escaped the underdark, he however met an untimely fate at the end of a human mercenaries greatsword. His drow companions however were not ready for Ged to die and had him resurrected from his severed hand. Once resurrected however, he was no longer a bugbear (other then his right hand) but he inhabited the body of a dwarf…


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