7 houses

In order of Dominance in the city:

Em’Bregin – The lead house of the city. It is rumored the the Matron mother of the house speaks to Archaya herself. The house uses this to hold dominion over all the other houses.

Silvaltarim – A new house from an unknown city in the Underdark. They rose to power after eliminating three lower Drow houses in a vicious coupe and frame up lead by house Em’Bregin.

Del’Felzar- Holds some of the most adept magic users in all of the city. Even the first house is weary of a coupe attempt by this houses powerful magics.

Sormeen- Known for their economics and wealth. They have stayed above the other houses through economic means rather then magical or phyiscal.

Met’Fel’Dabrin- Known for their elite swordsmen. The house has some of the (of not the) best swordsmen in all of Zobrin’Dorana.

Abtose- Has the most slaves of all the houses. Some of the houses consider them weak for lack of drow, while others consider them foolish for out numbering themselves with slaves.

Ret’Faleen- After the fall of three houses and the rise of house Silvaltarim, Ret’Faleen has fallen to the bottom of the power structure of the city. They seek to climb back up the ladder by any means necessary.

7 houses

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