Varscythes Gambit

Adventure So far!

Unfortunately it’s game 8 and I’m just now finding out about Obsidian portal so this post will be a summary of the first 8 games. It’s pretty brief and a lot of the finer details and events are left out so I can keep my sanity… It would take days to write all that up. However future games will contain a full description of what happened.

The Players

They story thus far…

The game begins with the youngest son from each house being brought together to form two hunting parties in the underdark. The players, Kitola, Keeklay, and Melafien are grouped together in the first hunting party. They encounter a group of dwarves and towards the end of the fight it is revieled that Melafien is a Paladin to the God Varscythe by the youngest son of house Em’Bregin named Yuri Em’Bregin. Luckily enough, Yuri is a cleric to Varscythe.

When the player’s return they all head back to their separate houses, Keeklay finds that his houses prized heirloom, a double bladed longsword has been taken and they have reason to suspect that Kitola’s house are the culprits. Seeking out allies, they gain an alliance with Melafien’s house and begin the destruction of Kitola’s house. However, Kitola is Kidnapped by a mysterious drow and is imprisoned during that destruction of his house.

It all turn’s out to be a plot by house Em’bregin and a mysterious ally to take down three houses at once. In the final fight, Melafien and Keeklay along with a bugbear named Ged take down the Matron mother of Kitola’s house. As she falls down dead, Yuri Em’Bregin appears through a portal demanding they all head in if they value their lives. (having allied with Yuri since he was a worshiper of Varscythe).

House Em’bregin’s play unveils as they produce their new ‘adopted’ son, and the last surviving member of his house, Kitola. He declares that the other two houses destroyed his, and by drow law the two houses are destroyed. Meanwhile, Melafien, Keeklay, and the bugbear named Ged join the ranks of house Em’bregin’s common military.

Within the next few days, a huge spider is seen in the city, and seen as a blessing from Archaya. The players are sent off to find a trio of driders to bring bring back alive is possible, for sacrifices. It turns out, each Drider was the head male of each player’s house. They kill two and befriend one. They return to the city to be greeted by a rather plain looking drow who promises they players ANYTHING if they can take the necklace from the new house’s (that had just moved in, and been placed into the second seat of power already) Matron Mother. In a snatch and grab the player’s are frozen in time as Keeklay hands the necklace over to the man, whisks the players out of the underdark, to ‘safety’ on the surface.

They run into a mercenary band who are fighting a group of tribal creatures called Tri’ek. Keeklay and Kitola band together with the Tri’ek attempting to turn a new leaf and help someone, while Melafien joins the mercenary band. Ged is killed and reincarnated as a dwarf in the conflict between the two. Completely outnumbered the Tri’ek eventually fall (after halving the mercenary band’s numbers)) and Keeklay and Kitola slip away to the human city of Jezlo in the nation of Lodenheim. While Melafien takes control of the Mercenary band through a ring of slavery and heads off to recruit more soldiers in hopes of taking over his former home.

(At this point Melafeins player creates a new character, who is the last surviving family member of Ged. After a bit of a scuffle and confusion over Ged now being a dwarf, they continue to Jezlo

After Keeklay charms his way into the city with magic they find the city is experiencing troubles similar to their own, with spiders taking people. They also find a tunnel leading down into the underdark where low and behold a lone drow climbs his way out. It turns out to be Keeklay’s brother, who had been the original culprit who had stolen their houses heirloom. He explains that he stumbled into a chamber where 4 crystals hatched 4 spiders, he killed one, and followed one through that tunnel for weeks until he climbed out just then. After some conflict and an attempt on Keeklay’s life, his brother, now outmatched by his younger brother’s magic prowess, leaves swearing vengeance.

The players eventually hunt down and track them to ruins beneath the city. After killing many of the spiders they come to a giant spider with an almost doll sticking out of it. The doll sheds it’s spider body and attacks. After the player’s defeat it, they take a captured spider to a cleric of Calyn who reveals it is actually a Dretch.

Having saved the town, the players attempt to start a normal life and head to Heindin which is the Capital of Lodenheim. Accepting a job and attempting to beat a rival band of adventurers the Shield Beards to the city of Mobli to see why trade caravans have not been reporting in.

On their way there they run into a group of Lances of Dhalmin and they all head into the town to see it taken over by spiders. Using lenses of true seeing it’s revealed that demons have taken over the town. After fighting much powerful versions of what they had fought before they find themselves fighting a massive version of the doll from the spider. After beating it they teleport back to Heindin and collect their reward. They find out that Yuri Em’Bregin is meeting with the king and follow them. After an argument they find out that their former home is a wreck and Yuri Em’Bregin was seeking help from the humans of Heindin in hopes of taking back their town. The players however don’t want to return to their former home and are instead greeted by that same plain looking drow who got them out of the underdark…

It is then revealed that that drow is infact the god Varscythe. He explains his plan to kill Archaya by releasing the goddess Selia from her tomb and absorbing/using her to gain enough power to kill Archaya. However Varscythe underestimated her power and is using every resource he has to keep her at bay…

The last game ended with Varscythe teleporting them to a dungeon that supposedly holds a sword that can kill even a god… The player’s reluctantly agree to help Varscythe when he brings up the fact that Selia will eventually get up to the surface and begin disrupting their lives there…


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