He had always resented her. She had always been the patron Deity of his people and had even outlawed worship in his name. Because of this fact, his power had been kept in check, and try as he might; he couldn’t hope to achieve her level of worship and power. However, after uncovering the tomb of a Goddess thought long dead, his plan was hatched. He could awaken her, and use her to kill his long time enemy; by either absorbing her power before she fully awakened, or killing her after the fight.

However, he didn’t count on the fact that her powers were beyond his, and she quickly went out of control. Now, his only hope to get rid of her lies in a small group of Drow and Bugbear… But how do you get people to band together when they would rather stab each other in the back?

Varscythe rubbed his hands together, it would take an awful lot of planning…

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Varscythes Gambit